Student Success Toolkit

Frequently Asked Questions

What ways can CCBC help me?

CCBC is able to assit you thorugh Counseling, Tutoring, Financial Aid, Supportive Services, Career Center, Barnes & Noble Bookstore

How do I log on to my CCBC accounts?

Same Sign On

You don't have to remember multiple logins and passwords!

* You should change the password the first time you log in by using the Password Reset Portal listed below. For an in-depth look at all the technology at CCBC.Go to

How do I contact IT?

Phone: 724.480.3399

What can counseling do for me?

Counselors are available to assist students in dealing with personal problems that may interfere with their academic success.Click here to learn more about counseling

* Students may be referred to outside agencies

How can I be successful in college?

Create & commit to your educational goals

How do I register for a class?

Before your first registration, meet with a counselor for academic advising. You will complete a paper registration form which must be signed by a counselor. You will then turn the form in at the IRC. They will give you a printed schedule. Check your schedule before you leave the building to make sure there are no mistakes.

How many credits do I take?

To be a full-time Student, you need to register for 12 credits. A part-time student is registered for 1 to 11 credits, but most programs require 15 or more credits to graduate in 4 semesters. It is a good idea, as a full-time student, to not work more than 20 hours a week.

* Don't forget course sequencing- some classes are only offered in the fall or spring semesters

Where do classes meet?

CCBC offers day, evening, online and hybrid classes in the Fall and Spring semesters.

Schedules can be viewed online at Click the perspective student tab then course search

How do I pay for college?

Financial Aid may be used for payment if you have received a Financial Aid Disclosure E-Mail. Be aware that grants and loans do not always cover all of your tuition. You will need to pay any balance by the tuition due dates

* Your classes may be dropped for non- payment

Refer to the academic calender for semester tuition due dates.

For more details about aid and scholarships, visit

* You may register after the due dates, but you must pay the day you register