CCBC is turning 50!

In recognition of this major milestone, the CCBC Foundation is launching a special 50th anniversary employee giving campaign as a way to raise funds in support of mission-focused initiatives identified by us – the CCBC family, including:

Student Emergency Fund
Pledges to this fund go to support CCBC students when life happens as a way to ensure they will be able to continue their studies and achieve their goals. Emergencies can include: car trouble or other transportation issues, the cost of textbooks and fees, school supplies, childcare, and other needs.

Faculty and Staff Endowed Scholarship
Leave behind a lasting legacy by supporting the creation of an endowed scholarship fund named for the CCBC faculty, staff, and administration. Future generations of students will benefit from your generosity as we work together to ensure that a college education remains accessible and affordable for Beaver County residents.

Campus Improvement Fund
Pledges to this fund provide a means to respond to unforeseen opportunities that arise that can help CCBC maintain and achieve excellence.


It's not the amount you give, just that you participate.

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See if you knew some of the interesting information we found out about CCBC

1st set
  1. CCBC has a sundial just in case the clocks don’t work and the computers go down.

  2. Rumor has it that a ghost lives in the Health Sciences Center (Friendly? Perhaps.)

  3. A nursing scholarship is given each year because a man was overwhelmed by the kindness that a CCBC nursing graduate showed his terminally-ill wife.

  4. Paul Rogers bicycles around the United States.

  5. Every week, students at CCBC have a meditation hour.

  6. A loose change fund in the Titan Café provides extra money to students who don’t have enough money to buy lunch.

  7. When a certain staff member goes into a certain building on campus, she quotes Scripture from the Bible.

  8. 18 bullet holes (yes, bullet holes) had to be patched in the roof of the Dome. They were patched once with silver, but had to be re-patched to match the golden Dome color.

  9. Not only is the Dome one of the architectural wonders of Beaver County, it is one of only eight geodesic dome structures in the United States.

  10. The Dome’s original color was gold. In fact, you still hear people refer to it as the Golden Dome.

  11. The Dome was once the home for the Pittsburgh Patriots, the American Basketball Association, and the Beaver County Hall of Fame.

  12. Many CCBC community members celebrate Serbian Christmas.

  13. CCBC once had its own Campus Police Force.

  14. The first CCBC President was Dr. Horace B. Monroe.

  15. A CCBC alumnus is the creator and owner of Pocket Nurse.

  16. The library has artifacts owned by Imelda Marcos, the famous shoe hoarder.
2nd set
  1. CCBC doesn’t charge for parking.

  2. CCBC was once noted on the front page of the Wall Street Journal because of its drunken crow population.

  3. The word “unicorn” appears on one of the bricks at the front of the College.

  4. The current master list of Phi Theta Kappa members has 2,020 CCBC students who accepted membership into PTK in the last 21 years, starting in 1995.

  5. Faculty interests and their other lives include rock musicians, bicyclists, hospice volunteers, ballroom dancing enthusiasts, and New York Times crossword accomplishers.

  6. The first HollyDay event was held in December 1997 in CCBC’s library. Net profit was $3,700. Today’s HollyDay’s net profit is $25,000+.

  7. CCBC was officially established in 1966.

  8. CCBC was temporarily headquartered in Freedom, PA, on the second, third, and fourth floors of the Freedom National Bank. CCBC also leased 17 vacant storefronts for classrooms and offices.

  9. In 1971, CCBC moved from Freedom to its current location in Center Township.

  10. A member of the IT Department cans his own meats and makes handmade artisan soaps.

  11. A CCBC staff member won’t buy a new house unless it is zoned for her to have chickens, goats, and ducks.

  12. The CCBC Foundation awarded $75,000 in scholarships in 2015.

  13. Air-conditioning was not installed in the Dome until 2008. (Could you imagine how hot it would have been at commencement in June with no air conditioning?!)

  14. Dating back to 1971, CCBC had intercollegiate teams for cross country, bowling, tennis, golf, baseball, basketball, volleyball, softball, and even aviation (flying).

  15. Kim Turcola was on CCBC’s homecoming court. Yes, there used to be homecoming king and queen crowned at CCBC!

  16. Gloria Jacobs, Kim Turcola, Deb Reed, and Cynthia Gleason were on the “Top 40 Alumni” list at CCBC’s 40th Anniversary celebration.

3rd set
  1. Gloria Jacobs, Kim Turcola, Deb Reed, and Cynthia Gleason were on the “Top 40 Alumni” list at CCBC’s 40th Anniversary celebration.

  2. CCBC made the newspapers when the birds on campus ate fermented plums and were FUI (Flying Under the Influence). They were flying into the sides of buildings and vehicles.

  3. CCBC hosted the Circus for one of their community day events.

  4. Joe Denardo, legend weather man from WTAE, stopped by CCBC during one of the Community Day events….VIA HELICOPTER.

  5. In the early 90s, one of the greatest April Fools pranks was pulled off all across campus– no one was safe! A dump truck from maintenance was even parked in the middle of the Dome! (Pranksters are still unknown.)

  6. CCBC used to host concerts in the Dome; some notable bands were New Kids on the Block, Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, B.E. Taylor, Donnie Iris, Oak Ridge Boys, and Disturbed.

  7. Barack Obama held a town hall meeting at the Dome in March 2008.

  8. CCBC staff used to have “squirt gun battles” during the work day! You were only safe at your desk – if you went for a stroll, you had to always be on the lookout!

  9. There was a time when the parking lot outside the SSC was used for Employees Only – spaces were marked and for Visitors & Administrators; the other lots were designated for Students.

  10. There are faculty that can read and/or speak Ancient Greek, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian.

  11. At least ten faculty members from CCBC are recognized Mensa candidates or members (High IQ’s).

  12. Doug Lauffer “camped out” professionally for about two years in Senegal,Africa. He has been on safari (photographic shoot safaris) many times in Uganda, The Gambia, and Senegal.

  13. Two of our faculty have their own businesses: Doug Lauffer and his wife own an art gallery on Broad Street, Sewickley, it is called Gallery 435; and Shelly Moore owns a little country/primitive home décor store in Volant, PA.

  14. In her high school days, Melissa Denardo was the head majorette for Kittanning High School; she also played the clarinet and piano.


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Ashley McMullen

Ashley McMullen

Hello my name is Ashley McMullen, I am a 25-year-old business entrepreneurship major and the first member of my family to attend college. I am from a low income family and never planned on attending college due to continuous financial struggles. After receiving the Pell grant I would have been unable to cover the full cost of tuition and books had it not been for the scholarships I was lucky enough to be selected as a recipient for. The availability of scholarships for financial help is crucial for students like myself who have been awarded the miraculous opportunity to continue our educations and advance in our careers thanks to these scholarships and other financial aid. Working full time and going to school full time has been a struggle but one I am grateful for and that will greatly enhance my life upon completion of my courses. I truly could not have done it without the financial burden being lessened so drastically due to the CCBC Foundation’s help.

Jamie Lee Cropper

I will say that that receiving my scholarship has allowed me to keep pursuing my education. I have a BS from Penn State and have come to CCBC as a nursing student. I already have had to take out many loans to finance my education, and very much understand the reality facing graduates in loan repayment while trying to start a life and career. Receiving a scholarship will assist me in the ability to go back for my BSN as it eases the financial burden that much more. Thank you to the CCBC Foundation for the opportunity.

Jamie Lee Cropper

Alec Schoedel

Alec Schoedel

My name is Alec Schoedel and I am currently in my fourth semester at CCBC working towards obtaining my professional pilot degree. The CCBC foundation scholarships I have been blessed with this past semester include the Adam Braddock aviation scholarship, James D. Regal memorial aviation scholarship, and the Barnes and Noble book scholarship. I have always been a very hard working and dedicated student working towards my dream of becoming an airline pilot. These scholarships that I have been awarded helped out tremendously by easing the financial stress that comes with the great expenses of flying. Currently I am the farthest ahead out of anybody in my classes working on my commercial pilot certificate. If it wasn’t for the CCBC foundation scholarships I would not have been able to fly nearly as much, or be at the positon I’m at. Working towards this career as a professional pilot, finances can make or break a person and thanks to these scholarships I never had to worry about not being able to live out my dream. It is vital for CCBC to keep awarding these scholarships to give kids like me confidence that no matter how high your hopes and dreams are, they are all within reach.

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